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Kimya Dawson

Knock Knock Who album:

  • Artist - Kimya Dawson mp3
  • Album - Knock Knock Who mp3
  • Year - 2000
  • Genre- Other


  • My Bike
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Time To Think
  • Red White And Blue Dream (Oops!)
  • So Nice So Smart
  • Nobodys Hippie
  • I’m Fine
  • Jest’s Birthday
  • The Sound Of Ataris
  • Great Crap
  • Stink Mama
  • For Boxer

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Kimya Dawson - @ we are all about Latest News & Information on Kimya Dawson Music, Free Kimya Dawson Music Videos, News, Interviews,. In 2007, a song changed Kimya Dawson’s life.. Dawson became well. Friends and fellow anti-folkies Kimya Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis are releasing an. Kimya Dawson Singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson is best known for her work with the anti-folk outfit the Moldy Peaches, but she also maintained a lo-fi solo career during the 2000s.. Paste: Tag: kimya dawson on December 18, 2009 6:00 AM | Permalink. Kimya Dawson - MySpace Kimya Dawson’s official MySpace features streaming audio, fan comments, videos, blog, and Kimya-written bio. Kimya Dawson news, music videos, pictures and albums - AOL Music Kimya Dawson’s AOL Music artist page features Kimya Dawson latest news, Kimya Dawson music videos, Kimya Dawson pictures, Kimya Dawson tour dates, Kimya. Kimya Dawson @ - Free Kimya Dawson Music. Kimya Dawson Official site of the lo-fi anti-folk yet indie-folk singer/songwriter from The Moldy Peaches who wrote and performed most of the music on the Juno Soundtrack. Kimya Dawson (born 17th November 1972) is an Olympia-based singer-songwriter, and a prominent part of the anti-folk movement. Kimya Dawson Free listening, videos, concerts, stats. Kimya Dawson: Information from Kimya Dawson Genres: Rock Biography Singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson is best known for her work with the anti-folk outfit the Moldy Peaches , but she Kimya Dawson facts - Freebase Facts and figures about Kimya Dawson, taken from Freebase, the world’s database. Includes links and discography. Kimya Dawson - Wikipedia Tells the story of Kimya Dawson and her musical career with The Moldy Peaches and the Juno soundtrack.

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